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were you in the top ranks? feel free to share your own experiences in the comment section below. this also means that there is no way to tell if the company plans on bringing it back or coming back with a new alternative. however, based on past changes (like review comments), you can likely bet that the ranking system is gone for good.

the industry are far longer since, he is the company which one of its largest company vacation and a comprehensive life and retirement plan that includes 401(k), profit

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// amazon has urged the government to exercise caution over plans to stamp out fake reviews however, consumer magazine which? revealed last month that nine out of the 10 top rated bluetooth headphones on amazon were boosted by reviews for other products, including toys, mugs and umbrellas, which had been merged with the headphone seller's in an attempt to improve search rankings.

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[a default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. if you wish, you may update it before sending it.] initial complaint

was very skeptical of the whole thing. it is limited to amazon prime members, i think. i am a

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most people agree that sometimes an online review of a product helps them make a decision when buying a product from amazon. however, what happens when the reviews have been influenced by a particular desired outcome? if amazon's fake review lawsuit is anything to go by, customers have for the longest time been misled by fake reviews into purchasing products that may not necessarily be the best in the market. in july, the company filed a seattle-based superior court lawsuit against facebook group administrators of over 10,000 groups. amazon's fake review lawsuit

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